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Make up the difference

➤This link is used to make up the difference.
➤Please add as many quantities as you need to pay.
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This link is mainly used for paying the following fees:
Additional shipping costs for remote areas
Product price differences
Purchase of extra accessories
Usage Instructions:
Please select the corresponding quantity to match the amount instructed by the customer service. For example, if you need to pay an additional fee of $50, please select a quantity of 50.
Please indicate the purpose in the order notes (e.g., "Remote area shipping fee" or "Product price difference").
Important Notes:
This link is only for specific fee payments, please do not use it arbitrarily.
If you have any questions about the payment amount or purpose, please contact our customer service first for confirmation.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


  • What is the shipping cost?
    Bijindoll offers worldwide free shipping for your convenience. Unlike other stores, we prioritize air transportation to ensure your products are delivered in the shortest possible time.
  • Where can dolls be shipped to?
    Our shipping services extend to nearly every country. If you're unsure whether we can ship to your address, please contact us before making a purchase.
  • Are sex dolls legal / Will this doll pass customs? Who is responsible for customs fees?
    Of course, our dolls are fully legal, and any customs fees are covered by Bijindoll. You only need to pay for the doll, Then you can rest assured at home while waiting for the doll to be delivered to you.(Note: In certain special regions, customers may need to handle customs clearance themselves.)
  • How long will it take to get my sex doll?
    After completing your payment, we will begin production of your order. The production process takes about a month. Once the doll is ready, we will send you photos and videos of the finished product via email for your confirmation. If no modifications are needed, we will proceed with shipping. As the doll is shipped by air, the delivery time is approximately 7-14 days.