How to clean a sex doll

Preparation of Cleaning Supplies:Prepare water (preferably not hot water), a soft cloth or sponge, towels, a blanket, and vaginal cleaning tools.

Cleaning the Sex Dolls Head

Remove the head: Start by removing the head for a more thorough cleaning (to avoid water getting on the screws and causing rust). The facial makeup on the doll's head, whether TPE or silicone, is firmly set, but please do not frequently lick, rub, scrub, or poke the facial makeup! Only use "water" to clean the makeup area!

Cleaning the Sex Dolls Body Surface

Gentle wiping: Gently wipe the doll's body stains with a cotton swab or wet tissue; prefer using soapy water or shower gel water.

Rinsing: Gently rinse the doll’s body with clean water, ensuring that all soap or detergent is completely rinsed off.

Drying: Gently pat the doll’s body dry with a towel or soft cloth. Do not rub vigorously to avoid damaging the silicone surface. You can also lay a blanket on the floor, place the doll on it, and then gently wipe the entire area. It is important to thoroughly wipe away all moisture (if there are screws in the soles, carefully dry them to prevent rust).

After washing and drying, apply baby powder to the doll's body surface; if the material feels sticky, baby powder can help.

Cleaning the Sex Dolls Vagina

For detachable lower body: The doll's body already has a detachable insert installed. When removing and installing the detachable insert, apply a lubricating product to your hands.

For integrated lower body: Use a wet tissue or wet towel wrapped around a stick to gently insert into the passage and clean by rotating. Do not use high-pressure water guns to clean deep into the passage and block the passage opening!

Sex Dolls Care Precautions

When not using the doll for a long time, lay it flat or sit it in a soft place, do not over-bend any joints, and store it by dressing it or wrapping it in a blanket. Try to avoid direct sunlight and humid environments.

Keep all parts away from sharp and pointed objects.

TPE and silicone can both stain. When buying dark-colored clothes, first sprinkle a suitable amount of table salt in water and soak the clothes in the salt water for 2-3 days (replace the salt water during this time). If the water no longer changes color, the dark clothes can be worn; otherwise, do not wear them.

If a TPE doll gets stained, buy a decolorizing cream. If a silicone doll gets stained, the stain will gradually fade over time (the duration depends on the stain's severity).